Monday, December 21, 2009

The Phoebe Factor

Phoebe is my devastatingly adorable 3 year old daughter. She likes to help me bake cookies.
All recipes will be ranked on a Phoebe Factor Scale of 0 to 10. 
0 = Cookies were baked after Phoebe went to bed or was otherwise not present
10 = Cookies were baked entirely by Phoebe.
As you can imagine, Phoebe brings a certain wild card to the kitchen counter. Just the other day I asked her to put the baking soda in using the mama sized measuring spoon*. I turned for a moment to start the oven and when I turned back, she was looking into the mixing bowl at a pile of baking soda. I asked her, "Did you put in just one, or more than one?"  Phoebe was confused. "More than one?" she asked me, not really sure what that meant.

*Phoebe has labeled our measuring spoons according to her favorite classification system:
Tablespoon = papa sized spoon
Teaspoon = mama sized spoon
1/2 teaspoon = big sister spoon
1/4 teaspoon = baby brother spoon


  1. Phoebe is a-freaking-dorable. Go Phoebe Phactor!

  2. ahhh! this makes me want to have my own adorable baby cookie! - sgr